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Some information below may be out of date - please note when it was posted.

2006 February 10
Postcards are (almost) all now in the postcard file cabinet and in the rack atop it near the end of the counter under the window.

Reorganized the Militaryarea, everything's still there, but the Ships are together, and the Aircraft is more organized.

Nice collection of Armed Services Edition paperbacks. A couple dozen, more than we've had in some time. They should mostly be in the vault.

Collection of Vintage Mystery & Science Fiction/Fantasy Paperbacks, not in the best shape, but lots of good reading. They're out on the shelves.

Also many more Pulp Magazines than we've had in quite a while, almost 4 shelves worth.

Large collection of older & vintage books and pamphlets on Engineering, Steam, Gas, Lathes, all sorts of how to build stuff, how to run machines. Library from a machine shop. Some of it's out, some of it's still being worked on, but should be out in the next few weeks. 

Lots of Books on Tape at the moment, and even a some on CD.

2005 October 07
Beat Generation / 60's Literature & History moved to Classics area in back room.
Erotica / Sex  moved to back room.

ReOrganized the Presidents & Politics section.
The new Military Modeling section is not in the Military section - it's in the 2nd endcap.

Lots of Large Magazines in the $1.00 bin, Look, Life, etc.
More new Military - Tanks, and Aircraft especially, also Military Modeling books & Magazines.
Many new old Magazines in the white magazine rack.
Postcards - a lot already out, and there is a new cabinet & 100's more on the way.

2005 August 20
Hunting to small bookcase against the wall down the same isle.
Trains to Transportation isle.
Playboy magazines to counter under register
Genealogy to the very top shelves above art/collectibles
Mountain Climbing to Travel & Adventure (into other room 1st bookcase you'd run into)
Jewish/Holocost History moved to back room middle isle.
Pulp Magazines moved to above the Science Fiction hardbacks, back room middle isle.
Opera & Composers moved from Music to below U.S. History

U.S. History is now organized by State
All the pictures on the walls in the back room have been reduced in price.

Hollywood picture books/coffee table books, a large collection on the shelves now.
Trains! Large collection of train books & magazines - nearly all on the shelves.

2005 June 29
    New Arrivals
Just received a nice collection of Railroad books - they should be up & out soon.
2 or so shelves of Hot Rod magazines & similar titles batched up into collections by title/years.
New Postcards & many previous cards have been marked down to 10 cents.

2005 May 11
Celebrate Reading - Book Donation drop off point, bring in your donations from now until June 4th.
The books will be given out from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. June 4 at International Elementary School, 700 Locust Ave., Long Beach.

    New Arrivals
A separate section has been created for Military Modeling books & magazines.
Some more postcards have gotten priced and are available, most of the previously available postcards have been reduced in price.
There are a couple boxes of new-to-us comic books out on the shelves in the children's section.
We picked up a few signed comics/books recently.

The Jewish history section has moved to the 1st history aisle.
The Ships and Navy sections have moved to the Military Endcap bookcase.
The Automotive repair manuals have been reduced in price.
The Romance section has been straightened up, and Nora Roberts has been moved from the spin rack by the door back into the romance section.
The Scientific American magazines have been moved to the bottom at the end of the counter.

2005 April 8 
     New arrivals - 
Collection of books on Dolls, Dollhouses, & books of Paper Dolls, around a shelf full, or more.

Large military collection - 1/3 is done & priced (about 8-10 boxes) mostly Equipment, vehicles, planes, and modeling stuff. There will be more as there is room for the other 2/3.

Architecture books - about another half shelf.

We also have a couple of auctions going right now - a set of 40 Jimmy Stewart photographs & a James Garner proof sheet

ReOrganizations -
We moved the Scientific American Magazines, and the Military Modeling Magazines/Books.

Long Beach Reads One Book.    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Long Beach Reads One Book (no flash)

2005 February 11
Piles of those Harlequin type serial romances just went out on the $1.00 carts.

2005 January
A large collection of Biography - mostly Hollywood & Entertainment - already on the shelves.
Some rare Comic Art, original art, Prints, portfolios, etc, mostly out on the walls or the magazine rack.
Quite a few Cartoons / comic strip collections - in the humor section, and some collectable titles in the Vault.
AUTOGRAPHED copies of Carrie Fishers NEW book _The Best Awful_
ReOrganizations -
The Railroad section has moved to the shelves directly under the cash register.
How-To is now against the wall in the far front corner across from the register behind the art section. (Just ask)
The Computer books are on the top shelf in the last isle in the first room - by the bathroom.
The Business books are in the 2nd room - thru the hall - straight ahead just to the left.

Even More books on tape than ever on the large spin-rack by the Vault it's packed on all shelves, and the small bookcase by the register has the overlarge boxes/sets & books on CD (what few we may have)

Sad News to report that Kelly Freas (SF cover Artist), & Will Eisner (Master of the Graphic Novel) recently passed away. 
We still have some Autographed Kelly Freas covers, and had recently got in a large collection of Will Eisner - almost a full run of the Spirit, and some autographed Hardcovers & collections in the Vault.

2004 November 13: Biography by the ton - recent collection of Biographies about doubles our previous selection up to nearly 2 full bookcases. Lots of Hollywood stars and Entertainers. There are piles of Hard Back Biography $1.00 books too. 

2004 November 6: Romance paperbacks on the $1.00 carts. Haven't had much out there in a little while.

2004 September: Original Comic Book Art & Portfolios. Nice collection, much of it up on the walls already.

2004:  We've been working hard to organize the sections & better label them. All the Fiction, Mystery, SF, etc. are in Author order with label cards. Most all sections now have label cards on the shelf.
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