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Trading & Purchasing Policy
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Open Book ArrowWhere to Find Us
5422 Village Road
Lakewood, CA 90808
(click address for a yahoo map)
On the corner of Village St. & Viking Way in the Parkview Village Triangle
(near the corner of Carson St. & Bellflower Ave.)
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Store Hours
Open Store Hours
Monday - Saturday 10am-7pm.   Sunday 12-5pm.
Phone Order Hours
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 10-7pm Pacific Standard Time.

Contact Aric for Internet & Mail Orders.
* Email Preferred for Mail Orders.
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Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates may be purchased in any quantity. If you would like to have them sent to a different address as a gift, please use the form to let us know. Gift Certificates can be used in person, or, for online orders, they can be mailed in lieu of a check or money order.
(* Orders from California will be charged tax, but the tax will be included in the Gift Certificate's total amount.)
$20.00 Once Read Books Gift Certificate
Special Instructions: Is this a Gift?
$20.00 Once Read Books Gift Certificate

$25.00 Once Read Books Gift Certificate
Special Instructions: Is this a Gift?
$25.00 Once Read Books Gift Certificate

$100.00 Once Read Books Gift Certificate
Special Instructions: Is this a Gift?
$100.00 Once Read Books Gift Certificate
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Trading & Purchasing Policy
We Trade MassMarket Paperback books 1 for 3. Bring in 3 paperback books that we can use & you can take one of ours free of charge. 
The Trades should be of a similar subject/genre - Mystery for Mystery, Romance for Romance.
We also Trade the large size Paperback novels 1 for 3. 
We Trade for 'Books on Tape' 1 for 3 for the number of cassettes in the box. To get a 2 tape set you  could bring in one 2 tape set and one 4 tape set - being a total of 6 cassettes.
You may bring in as much as you like, if you do not wish to get all of your Trades on the same day we will give you a Card which you keep (or give away) and can use to redeem the Trades at any time.

We are currently Purchasing books in the subjects of Art, Military, Transportation (Cars, Ships, Trains, Planes), and History of specific subjects. We are always looking for good quality books with DustJacket covers, or LeatherBound editions. We are generally not interested in Book Club Editions, most Self-Help books, School Textbooks, or sets of Encyclopedias.
We will be happy to look at whatever you would like to show us, bring the books by the store anytime Monday through Saturday only from 10 to 6:30, and someone can usually go out to your car to look.
If you have a large collection or estate you can call and make an appointment for Roger to come out and look at them. (562) 420-1034 (10-7 Mon thru Sat)

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Our Business
We have had an open store since 1987. We've been online since 1997. We moved to our larger (about 1800 square feet) location in January of 1999.
The we had to move because Von's bought the Shopping center where our old store was located (4174 Woodruff in Lakewood, near the corner of Woodruff & Carson in Lakewood) and was planning to tear it all down and remodel. Construction of the new Von's finished as of January 2001. They didn't remodel our site after all. The move seems to have been for the best, the new location has been much better for us.

The New Store has a Genuine Vault, leftover from when the building was a Jewelry Store in the 40's. It is now the depository of our 1st Editions and Collectibles.

We have a large selection of both Paperback and Hardback books (somewhere in the neighborhood of 35,000+ items). We have a wide selection of books with no topics excluded.

Magazines: Life Magazine near complete from the beginning in 1936 to the late 1970's & National Geographic magazines from the teen's up to last year or so, but there are a smattering of various other titles, including a fair number of comic books.

A staff fairly knowledgeable in the fields of  Military, Mystery, SF, Fantasy, Romance & more. Send a note if you have any questions, comments, or want any more info.

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